[Users] meeting minutes for 2017-08-21

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Aug 21 10:02:22 CDT 2017

Present: Steve, Erik, Yosef, Roland, Peter, Zach, Roberto

Progress on tutorial machine at NCSA
* NCSA NDS lab is willing and eager to work with ET on this
* Roland will contact Craig Wilis from NDS to get this started, will CC Steve&Ian on this
* Ian wanted to also try this with just a set of VM on the existing ET Nebula account for Jenkins so we may want to avoid overlap

Comments/discussion on updates to the Working Group Document
* AutoSYNC: Sam and Steve working on how to convert pre READ/WRITE
  statement thorns to this framework
* NCSA: to add the DataVault project
* IllinoisGRHMHD: Zach will add data to the document by next telecon

ET workshop in Europe:
* invite one of the organizers (Bruno Giacomazzo) Steve will invite him

New codes in ET
* Roland will put himself down for GiRAFFE
* RNSID needs review, currently used in production, was used in the
  past but requires reviewers (Frank & Roberto are proposers)
* RNSID should work fine IllinoisGRMHD for the supported EOS (due to
  the IllinoisGRMHD ID conversion glue thorn)

Python code generator:
* in working condition, doing physics runs with it, Zach will provide
  instructions to Steve
* also contact Vassili Mewes about his experience with it

Performance visualization:
* REU project with David Koppelman on performance visualization (by
Anna Neshyba)


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