[Users] [Einstein Toolkit] #2067: Tov collapse sim not working

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Tue Aug 22 15:04:49 CDT 2017

Hello Mikael,

> Interesting point. I can play with the initial setup a bit. 
> Where is eos state change initiated? I believe the collapse occurs
> because there is a sudden lowering of the pressure !?
Yes. The way this is achieved is essentially that one constructs a TOV
solution with a particular EOS, which would make a stable star. One
then *evolves* with a different EOS (and a step in between to fix the
constraints by keeping the stress-energy tensor constant and adjusting
eg HydroBase::rho and HydroBase::press to achieve this).

> I'll poke around some ...
First thing to do would be to check the density plot (I hope I have
one) that is in the GRHydro paper (Loeffler et al.).


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