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Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Fri Aug 25 08:50:09 CDT 2017

Hello Ian,

> Do you have any more details?  
I do, somehwere there must be emails either on this list or between
myself and Milton Ruiz. The issue is a file system problem as one can
actually use strace to track down the calls to the OS's seek and write
functions and the result in files is obviously not what the read/write
should generate (eg when one replays them).

> I had the feeling that it was you who
> was fighting this.  Would it be possible to add an autoconf or
> runtime test, so that users are at least made aware of the problem?
An autoconf test won't work since this only happens on the scratch file
system and not the $HOME file system where one usually compiles and
only happens for more than 1 MPI rank (even though only rank 0 ever
touches that file).

> Do you know of other systems that are affected?  Do we have an ET
> ticket for this?
Gordon is also affected. The closest I can find to at ticket is the
notice in the release coordination wiki page:

There's a ticket with XSEDE about this, I guess I will ping it and also
copy the extra information from it into an ET ticket.


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