[Users] meeting minutes for 2017-12-04

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Dec 4 09:56:19 CST 2017

Present: Bill, Chris, Steve, Yosef, Roland, Eloisa, Antoni,
Peter, Cecilia, Roberto, Sam, Jonah, Gabrielle, Qian

* Discussion on Cosmo/Particle WG
** no objections or feedback
** WG accepted by call participants will be part of the ET website in
the next week

* ET tutorial machine moved to JetStream at TACC but still through NDS 

* RNSID review
** Roberto and Jonah discussed status of RNSID
** request for documentation for EOS files etc.
** would be included in next release of ET (February) upon positive

* date for next US ET meeting
** late summer end of July should have date end of next week
** ask for plan from GT for what is planned to gather feedback from ET
** in particular lead organizer needs to be named to have point of

* date for next EU ET meeting
** no updates at this point


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