[Users] meeting minutes for 2017-11-06

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Nov 6 10:06:45 CST 2017

Present: Bill, Steve, Roland, Eloisa,  Miguel, Chris, Eloisa, Ian, Sam,

* needs some work to enable plotting when using console
* Bill will test it
* expect to get feedback from new users
* would like to have it up before supercomputing (next week)

ET Jenkins server:
* had hardware failure at NCSA, slow to tells users that system is back
* should now be back
* 6 failing tests
** prolongation one is new, need input from Erik, want trac ticket
** SphericalHarmonicReconGen: could be bug in the reader or in PITTNull
code. PITTNull is sensitive to optimization since it includes the full
Einstein field equations. Check if using -O3 instead of -Ofast would
** have generic.cfg and generic-opt.cfg, get rid of debian.cfg,
ubuntu.cfg etc.

Working groups:
* have sent email to individual (co-)leads for projects to write
  project description and add to wiki
* Steve & Sam have new thornlist to test which thorns work
* Eloisa & Helvi have draft of cosmology working group draft. Will have
  wider review next week. 

ET call next week:
* decide based on agenda by Sunday next week
* Eloisa will host if needed Steve will add her to stevenrbrandt.org
* Steve will send regular reminders

Software carpentry style tutorials
* interest by persons at NCSA to have software carpentry type tutorials
  for a scientific code, suggested to use ET tutorials as a starting
* would provide existing tutorials to the person together with some
  help on how to use them

Standing items:
* mailing list: Eloisa will contact Maria about what release she is


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