[Users] meeting minutes for 2017-11-20

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Nov 20 10:19:03 CST 2017

Present: Eloisa, Steve, Roland, Peter, Sam, Bhavesh, Zach, Bill,
Gabrielle, Antoni Ramos Buades, Ian, Cecilio García, Miguel, Qian

* [RH] [SB] ET tutorial using jupyter
** maintenance going on, postponed due to maintenance

* [RH] update mailing list to mailman 3.1
** there seems to be no upgrade path for the transfer of mailing lists and participants

* [RH] RNSID review
** Jonah is reviewer, Roberto is reviewee since neither one on call will postpone

* [GDA] Next ET Workshop
** Bhavesh to check with Pablo on exact date. Likely in summer.
** Gabrielle visiting Universities in Mexico where a network in GR+NR is forming, they are interested in forming NR + data analysis expertise
** interested in holding ET workshop in Mexico this time or next time. Should be very affordable due to low local costs. Gabrielle to keep up contact for workshop or just tutorial.
** Base of students is large enough that participation should be high.

* [GDA] Review of ET Facebook page, who else should post?
** https://www.facebook.com/Einstein-Toolkit-150924465493332/
** would like more posts, eg student talks, weekly calls etc.
** if you use it, please like it

* [GDA/ZE] First review of new WG: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qiNeVgPlleg6Mjq9WI3iS--IA5o1FbpywAcq1Do_9xI/edit
** have new proposal for IllinoisGRMHD working group, want 2 discussions on it
** formally approve / disprove on it next week
** already had first working group telecon, will be once a month, to discuss what users are doing with the group
** development will benefit general ET eg through ID thorns
** would like to avoid duplication of effort between users of the codeV

* [GDA] Review of working groups 
** will sent individual emails
** Interface with experimental groups: no progress
** Performance optimization: no progress, want to cover deliverables of
NSF projects. Start document.
** Maintainer's club: no progress though most of it may exist on
different webpages
** Cosmology and alternative theories: have draft, Gabrielle approved,
want more detail on alternative theories
** Matter codes: no progress
** Initial data: no progress, ping Josh
** education and outreach: no progress, ping Manuella
** Datavault: have draft setup for testing by end of week
** IllinoisGRMHD: see above
** Einstein Exploration module: no progress

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