[Users] meeting minutes for 2017-10-02

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Oct 2 09:52:17 CDT 2017

Present: Anshu Gupta, Bill, Chris, Samual, Vassili, Yosef, Erik,
Roland, Qian 

update on Euro ET workshop in Mallorca, Oct 11-14,
* no update due to lack of organizers

thorns for inclusion: GiRaFFE, RNSID. Review status?
* GiRaFFE on Roland's todo
* RNSID orphaned

Jenkins status update
* server up again, have failing tests
* will move URL from barrywardell.net to something with
EinsteinToolkit.org in the name
* Suggestion, for a small official organization to legally own DNS
entries for einsteintoolkit.org. No objections.
* Jenkins alternative used by HPX circleci may be an option to avoid
having to self-host

Comet lustre data corruption update
* SDSC support has working lustre client in testing on some nodes,
after rollout to all nodes we should be fine again

Next ET release date
* aim for February release, preparation in January

No ET call next week on Oct. 9th due to ET meeting in Mallorca
* Steve, Peter, Roland attending

New ET tutorial machine almost up and running
* currently configured for moderator approval by Steve for accounts
* https://www.einsteintoolkit.nationaldataservice.org/#/


My email is as private as my paper mail. I therefore support encrypting
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