[Users] meeting minutes for 2017-09-11

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Sep 11 10:10:16 CDT 2017

Present: Steve, Anna, Yosef, Roland, Qian, Peter, Bhavesh, Gabrielle,
Ian, Samuel

Cactus release
* People assume it is dead by now.
* make a Cactus release now, while we have less pressure
* check Cactus website for up-to-date information
** remove outdated information
** how can one actually edit the page (CCT accounts)? TODO: Steve to
find out
* check for Cactus' release notes by Frank
* draft release procedures

Demo of the RunView
* Anna gave presentation, code is on https://github.com/stevenrbrandt/RunView will be updated after this call
* Runview is a thorn for the ET
* analyse program efficiency for domain experts, presents easy to understand overview of efficiency as interactive (javascript) html pages
* 1st graph shows bubble like timeline where bubble size correlates with L3 cache misses (bigger bubbles are worse)
* 2nd show timline of schedule items, identifies recurring schedule patterns to show how a single iteration of the pattern looks like
* uses information from Cactus timers and from PAPI
* currently development stage, not yet production ready
* uses regular Cactus, just needs the Runview thorn
* currently not yet possible to study load imbalance as data

Creation of a popular book about the science done by the Einstein Toolkit (Steven)
* for outreach and interest in Cactus
* geared towards scientists but not already Cactus users
* aim is raise visibility of this group
* alternatives:
** long review article
** special issue of a journal
* to raise the footprint it may also be sufficient to hire an undegraduate student for this

Facebook page:
* page is up, no information yet though

switch ExternalLibraries over to github
* proceed for now since no working alternatives are available right now
* if this does not work, revert 

ET workshop:
* if not yet done you really must book them now


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