[Users] meeting minutes for 2017-09-18

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Sep 18 09:46:55 CDT 2017

Present: Bill, Chris, Etik, Gabrielle, Sam, Steve, Yosef, Roland, Qian,
Ian, Vassili, Peter, 

Tutorial machine at NCSA:
* have final confirmation, about to deploy instance, should happen
  this week
* contact current outstanding requests about current status
* Roland suggests to take down tutorial page using QueenBee and instead
  point to Simplified tutorial instead for the time being

Working groups
* need to pick this up, last action was sending around working group
* Ian suggests working group for lower level infrastructure in the ET
* add to next week's agenda

ET workshop in Mallorca:
* creating video of early days of Cactus, request old photos

* Steve is going, will have poster about Cactus
* not ET related demo planned, no planned use of Cactus
* NCSA has demo (Wolfram and NVIDIA) about deep learning with Daniel
  George and Eliu Huerta

KNL status update
* Peter has his cosmology code running on KNL, gets fairly decent
* this code is quite different from eg McLachlan


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