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Mon Jan 8 08:33:45 CST 2018

> On 6 Jan 2018, at 00:52, Andres Mauricio Suarez Mantilla <anmsuarezma at unal.edu.co> wrote:
> Hi Everybody.
> I just installed Cactus and einsteintoolkit.th <http://einsteintoolkit.th/> ran without any problem. However, I tried to run WaveDemo thorn and it showed some problems (please see the attached image). 
> I really don't know how to fix such errors, so I hope you can help me with this.
> I appreciate your support.
> Pdta: I am working in LinuxMint 18.1 Serena.


(To clarify for other readers, WaveDemo is not in einsteintoolkit.th)

Were you following a particular tutorial?  If so, can you give more details?  If you found a thornlist on one of the Cactus or ET websites along with a WaveDemo tutorial, I'm afraid to say that many of these are unfortunately very out of date, which is likely the reason for these errors.

Ian Hinder

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