[Users] meeting minutes for 2018-01-08

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Jan 8 09:50:15 CST 2018

Present: Steve, Roland, Bhavesh, Andres Mauricio Suarez Mantilla,
Antoni Ramos Buades, Bill, Ian

Release planning:
* plan is to release in February
* wiki has some pages explaining the process:
* have at least:
** RNSID thorn to include
** Giraffe thorn to be included
** remove F90 code from GRHydro
** move ExternalLibraries to github
* Steve to find out how to create release milestones
* Steve to find out how to delegate trac permissions
* review machines to test on in particular KNL machines
* send announcement about release planning to the mailing list

Jenkins server:
* still down
* Ian will follow up

ET call time:
* come up with proposed time for call
* would prefer whole hours since it simplifies scheduling

US ET workshop:
* second week of May for now, will know for sure by end of this week


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