[Users] F90 in GRHydro

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Tue Jan 9 12:29:43 CST 2018

Hello Samuel,

>    I am working on implementing the new synchronization and boundary
> condition application methods for the GRHydro thorn. I missed today's
> call, but I see that the Fortran code is being removed in the new
> release. Are those changes on a branch in the remote repository? I
> would like to merge those changes into my branch as soon as I can.
> Alternatively, is there a rough timeline by which I can expect these
> changes to be merged with the master branch?
I think so far they are not in any branch yet. At this point nothing
will be removed completely but instead will be moved into directory
"archive" or so. It may no longer be compiled by default though.

Since I will be moving whole files, chances are that your changes will
merge in without problems.

In general though I would advise not to spend a lot of time on the F90
code in GRHydro for which there is equivalent C++ code. This is, so
far, not all of it, but quite a bit.

I will make an effort to push the changes into a branch of GRHydro so
that you can see them.


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