[Users] meeting minutes for 2018-01-15

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Jan 15 09:56:54 CST 2018

Present: Steve, Roland, Miguel Garcia, Antoni Ramos Buades, 
Yosef, Bill, Ian

Change of time for call:
* as a result of the doodle poll the time of the call has changed to
  9:00am CST / 16:00 CET

ET release:
* preliminary aim for release in week of Feb 21st
* release steps are outlined in
* thorns to include:
** Giraffe
* Roland mentions continuing issues with ML constraints, they are in
  ticket: https://trac.einsteintoolkit.org/ticket/1995 need to
  understand what is going on

US ET meeting:
* final decisions about date are being doing done, looking for rooms
  right now
* schedule is being decided
* no more details at this point
* so far only workshop, since EU one will have a school
* Bill and Steve mentioned that the lack of school was seens a bad
  thing for the Mallorca one


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