[Users] questions about compilation

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Thu Jan 18 14:42:04 CST 2018

Hello Chia-Hui,

> Is the LICENSE problem the critical part in this compilation problem
> of edison? and
"Critical" in the sense that it speeds up your compilation significantly, but given that it compiles without, if you did manage to compile without you are fine.

> Do you mean that I am recommended to download and install ET again on
> edison in February when the next ET is released ?
Yes, unfortunately we do no normally offer a way to "upgrade" an existing Einstein Toolkit installation eg from the Hack (2017_05) release to the upcoming release 2018_02. We basically ask people to do a full new checkout (and full recompile). This is due to the fact that the ET uses multiple git repositories so having a single "release" point is hard for us. There is also a chance that some thorns will move from using subversion to using git in the next release making an "update" even harder.

One can try and git a git fetch and git checkout to the new release branches manually but this is dangerous and will not always work.


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