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Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Thu Jan 25 14:16:16 CST 2018

Hello Amir,

> when we run the parameter file in thorn IDBrillData as it is, without any
> change we get a number of XG files which are viewed by using xgraph. What
> these visualization results depicts? Early response will be highly
> appreciated
You mean
arrangements/EinsteinInitialData/IDBrillData/par/brilldata.par ?

The output produced is 

IOASCII::out1D_vars = "ADMBase::gxx ADMBase::gyy ADMBase::gzz
ADMBase::gxy ADMBase::gxz ADMBase::gyz idbrilldata::brillpsi"

so basically the xx, yy, zz, xy, xz, yz components of the 3-metric as
well as a quantity called brillpsi which I would assume to be a
conformal factor set up by the initial data routine.

To understand what they mean you would need to look up what the
parameter q_function = "gundlach" implies by reading the documention in
tex/documentation.tex (just run it through pdflatex). Eg section 2 in
there should give information.


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