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> On 18 Jul 2018, at 18:12, Federico G Lopez Armengol <fedelopezar at gmail.com> wrote:
> Maybe I misunderstood the point of parameter file scripting. I understood they serve for automatically create several parameter files, and automatically run (or submit) the corresponding simulations.


Yes, you misunderstood :).

The documentation says

"A parameter file script is a file with a ”.rpar” extension which, when executed, generates a file in the same place but with a ”.par” extension. The resulting file should be a valid SimFactory parameter file."

So you can only generate a single parameter file from the script.  You could take a look at the bbh example (https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/einsteinexamples/raw/master/par/GW150914/GW150914.rpar) to see why this sort of thing is needed.  Some of what is done in the python header of that script cannot be done directly in the parameter file, or it would be incredibly tedious and error prone to do so.  

Having a higher-level mechanism for managing collections of parameter files and simulations would be very useful, but it does not exist at the moment.  You will have to implement it yourself, e.g. in a shell script.  You should probably use sim create-run rather than sim create-submit so that the simulations don't run in the background at the same time.

Ian Hinder

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