[Users] meeting minutes for 2018-07-23

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Jul 23 09:57:47 CDT 2018

Present: Roland, Bhavesh, Gabrielle, Helvi, Miguel, Peter, Zach, Shawn,
Qian, Antoni Ramos Buades

Working group updates:
* performance optimization:
* scheduling has been postponed due to PEARC
* IllinoisGRMHD:
** next telecon Thus July 26 2018, email Zach to be included in the
hangout and google group
* CosmoParticles: continue to explore what physics can be investigated,
  including alternative theories of gravity. No August meeting, but
  will have one in September with Isabelle Codero speaking
* DataVault: currently upload of LIGO waveform files possible,
  automatic extraction of metadata and searching for waveforms in place
  on development laptop, but not yet in live version. Qian Zhang who
  has been the main developer is leaving NCSA end of the month so is in
  the process of writing documentation to enable a smooth handover

* Peter will talk to LSU IT support
* currently impossible to edit wiki without having a CCT account

Tutorial server down:
* NCSA needs to talk with NDS-Labs representative
* was shut 
* also out of allocaton 

ET gallery examples:
* Peter has updated setup for Mike: BBH and BNS. Roland to provide
  Peter with source code of release used to produce figures.
* Shawn will do Poisson equation
* scalar field and TOV example not yet done

GiRaFFE review:
* no news from actual review
* tests are being reviewed internally
* WVUDiagnostics update will also be included

* Zach confirms that ET works with Ubuntu 18 using the system gcc, is
  testing with Intel 2019 compiler

Lean & Proca:
* Erik was contacted but is busy for the next three weeks but could
  look a it after
* Roland is concerned that this is very short before the release and
  there may be hidden (compiler) bugs triggered by running on a full
  set of ET machines:
http://einsteintoolkit.org/testsuite_results/index.php but site is down and only the link to the repository with the raw data still exists

Blockers for ET release:
* BNS gallery
* out of box support for OSX: Roland to test Steve's instructions and
  report back if they work. Bounce back if they fail.

Questions on mailing list:
* Miguel sees memory leak in high resolution runs, on three different
  machines incl. a laptop, a workstation and a cluster
* Zach suggests to check that the memory increase is not due to grid
  separating as the objects move
* Roland suggests using a memory profiler on the workstation and that
  Ian looked into them a couple of years ago and may remember what they
  were called. Using tcmalloc as Ian suggested can also help with both
  profiling and reducing memory fragmentation
* Peter suggests looking at Carpet's output for memory in grid
  functions which is in carpetlib's memorystatistics output

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