[Users] Hydro_RNSID Inherits from GRHydro

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Nov 5 12:33:38 CST 2018

Hello all,

> Hydro_RNSID inherits from GRHydro, which goes against the usual policy that
> initial data thorns depend only on HydroBase / ADMBase. Is there a plan to
> fix this? Is a fix even difficult?
There's a pull request (8 months old) that fixes this here:


Since I am the author I cannot review it, but anyone else can.

Note that this *could* induce a slight change in variables since
GRHydro's prim2con may not quite compute the conserved variables in the
very same way that Hydro_RNSID computed the primitives.

We *could* get perfect backwards compatibility by adding a parameter
and having Hydro_RNSID do what it does now if the parameter is set to
"yes" (which would be the default). One has to get the variable
pointers from VarDataPtr and probably should check for GRHydro being
active in ParamCheck.


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