[Users] cctk_alignment

Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Wed Nov 7 12:17:14 CST 2018

I'm debugging a modification to Cactus, and something I've done has 
tripped an assertion error when running  the RK2-central.par test. The 
message is:

TestMoL_InitVars: Assertion `cctki0_ialn>0' failed.

The variable cctki0_ialn seems to get filled in from 
cctkGH->cctk_alignment, which is (as far as I can see) only set in 
mode.cc by carpet.

The test in question, however, uses PUGH.

Valgrind confirms that just before the assertion error, I am tripping a 
conditional depends on uninitialized value error. However, I don't see 
this same problem when running with the unmodified Cactus source--so 
somehow I've broken something relating to this infrastructure.

How and where is cctk_alignment supposed to get set when running PUGH? 
What should its value be? Thanks.


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