[Users] meeting minutes for 2018-11-26

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Nov 26 09:51:26 CST 2018

Present: Roland, Chris, Helvi, Peter, Bill, Zach, Steve

memory leaks:
* Roland described the current status in

ET tutorial server:
* new server using Kubernetes and docker images is being worked on
* Steve, Roland and Craig to get together to finish up things

BNS gallery example:
* no progress last week

ET infrastructure presentations:
* website: Steve
* wiki: Steve
* trac: Steve
* svn: Steve / Peter
* Jenkins: Roland
* mailing lists: Steve
* tutorial server: Roland
* repos on bitbucket: Roland
* repos on github: Roland
* release process: Steve / Roland

trac to bitbucket transition:
* same as last week, have a working took, need to spend time to get
  username translation correctly
* Roland estimates the amount of time needed to make the transition is
  something like 1/2 day of coding plus a couple days / week of
  busywork getting the username translation right 

* Zach is working on getting small file size LORENE ID file permissions
* there was a discussion on how to mark parfiles etc. that are only
  usable as tests (low res, dodgy science). Adding log output at
  runtime is less likely to be seen than eg a comment in the parfile.
  This comment should be standardized if possible. Can also add
  explicit comments where the parfiles differ from 

* make default in thornlist

Proca / Lean:
* Helvi writing docs now
* Miguel updated test suites
* responded to Peter's comments

next release:
* need name of famous scientist
* current list is here:

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