[Users] meeting minutes for 2019-08-08

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Aug 8 09:32:26 CDT 2019

Present: Bill, Chris, Helvi, Peter, Roland, Steve, Zach

Steve, Helvi, Roland discussed plans for tutorial machines for the KCL

Zach reported work on  NRPy which may speed up SpehericalBSSN

Issues with docs.einsteintoolkit.org should resolved, please respond if
this is not the case

ET citations:
* working on list of contributors to give credit to
* this will use a changing DOI for each release
* http://einsteintoolkit.org/developers.html contains the current list
* please help Steve to fill them out by sending information that is
  missing to him
* current list is based on list of contributors that Roland found by
  parsing all commits in the ET repositories, plus Steve's list in

* currently sees only updates when we release the next ET code
* consider removing its content and point to a sub-page of the ET pages

upcoming release:
* current plan would be September
* this seems to be no possibility to finish the release before the KCL
* instead will aim for October
* check if we need to re-run the gallery examples or if they were
  already run with the current release code
* currently the gallery example that does not quite work is the bns
  gallery: https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2119/


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