[Users] meeting minutes for 2019-01-17

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Jan 17 09:23:52 CST 2019

Present: Roland, Chris, Erik, Sam, Antoni, Zach

SSL certificate:
* Steve is working on having it renewed, needed to update contact
  information with certification authority

Major changes:
* Proca, Lean should go in
* WVU_Diagnostics should go in by March, Zach has major rewrites for
  one of them, do not include NrPy
* Federico is working with Bruno Giacomazzo on reviewing baryon mass
  code for Hydro_Analysis before the next release
* proca, lean and WVU_Diagnostics thorns to be added to master thornlist

Bugfixes that should be included in next release are marked
with milestone:

Pull requests for review:

* Steve is working on code folding code into Boundary thorn,
  which lets one switch to PreSync by a flag change in parameter files

Questions on mailing list and tickets:
* one open question on mailing list


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