[Users] meeting minutes for 2019-06-27

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Jun 27 09:41:06 CDT 2019

Present: Eric, Helvi, Peter, Roland, Sam, Steve, Zach

Neutron star star:
* Zach provided details on HARM3D evolution, currently no NR yet, but
  development on multiple fronts
* provided update on Vassili's SpherecalBSNN and SphericalGRMHD codes
  that will be made public sometime after September
* Steve mentioned LSU code (Octotiger) that seems to do better at
  preserving angular momentum than plain Cartesian codes

Alternative drivers for the ET:
* had a discussion about alternative drivers
* would want interaction with developers
* Steve mentioned octotiger, developed at LSU, using HPX, currently ran
  on full scale on Pizdaint
* Zach mentioned the DendroGR code, as something to consider as well
  (David Nelisen's code at RIT). Still in development, will have
  subcycling in time by end of summer.
* Roland mentioned AMReX, which is a block structured AMR code similar
  to CarpetLib so "easy" to adapt. Has funding from DOE as part of
  ExaScale computing project
* would have to be made of part of a larger story

Peter's self-force code:
* almost completely done with rewrite, started to write code paper
* code to be public at some point after that, timeline is weeks and
  months, but have to specific deadline
* will need to go through review, volunteers needed

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