[Users] meeting minutes for 2019-03-21

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Mar 21 09:39:36 CDT 2019

Present: Roland, Antoni, Bill, Peter, Sam, Yosef

ET release
* will release in March
* have firm commitment on thorns to be included by end of this week
  (Friday) release Friday next week

BNS gallery example
* no updates

WVU_Diagnostics status
* https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/1974/add-wvuthorns_diagnostics-to-the-et
* will ask for firm statement by Steve and Zach
* Peter will look at code as well

Proca status
* ready to include
* SIMD issue will be commented out for release, fixed afterwards
* has documenation

Lean status
* Erik is reviewer, made comments
* not clear if addressed
* will contact Helvi, Miguel, Erik for firm statement of inclusion
* NPScalars/teukolsky test failing on some cluster

ET testsuite status
* failure on homebre osx not understood
* on one on call uses this compbination and could test
* will document failure then fix after release

ET tutorial server 
* new server is in place and ready for testing

Python 2 end of life in 2020
* changes:
** print statement
** divides are floating point by default
** byte strings vs ascii strings and encodings, Bill has experience in
** iterators and list comprehension behave differently
** could start with 2to3 python converter
* best for users would be to support both versions
* could propose as summer REU project for good student at LSU
* collect census of current cluster support for python 3 and python 2

One unanswered question in the ET users list:
* Mar 21 06:21:06 CDT 2019 [Users] GlobalDerivative in spherical
(multipatch) coordinates (Severin Frank): http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/pipermail/users/2019-March/006809.html

ET US meeting
* now inviting speakers, will send official schedule once done
* date and place are fixed and already mentioned on the site:


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