[Users] how to make the change of the submit script have effect

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu May 9 08:42:54 CDT 2019

Hello Chia-Hui,

there's two ways:

1. modify the files simfactory/mdb/submitscript/cori.sub,
simfactory/mdb/submitscript/cori.run then run "simfactory/bin/sim build --reconfig --submitscript simfactory/mdb/submitscript/cori.sub --runscript simfactory/mdb/submitscript/cori.run"

2. modify the files configs/sim/SubmitScript and configs/sim/RunScript

you need to start a new simulation for the new files to be used.

If using method 2, don't forget to copy the "good" files back to the
locations indicated by 1. so that they are not overwritten by a future
simfactory call.

If you find out who to make things work, it would be great if you could
attach the working files to the ticket you created so that the
simfactory repository can be updated.


> Hello,
> I want to modify the submit script. However no matter I rebuild again or not, the old version (default one) is still used. Is there possible way to modify the submit script ?
> Thank you.
> Best regards,
> Chia-Hui

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