[Users] coupling Llama to an evolution code

Ian Hinder ian.hinder at manchester.ac.uk
Fri May 10 04:31:21 CDT 2019

On 10 May 2019, at 10:22, Miguel Zilhão <miguel.zilhao.nogueira at tecnico.ulisboa.pt<mailto:miguel.zilhao.nogueira at tecnico.ulisboa.pt>> wrote:

hi Ian,

yes, i guess the CartesianCoordinate thorn could work. this is not part of the ET, though, is it?

Hi Miguel,

You're right; I hadn't realised this.  It's in the CTGamma arrangement:


but is not part of the toolkit. Just clone CTGamma into arrangements and add CTGamma/CartesianCoordinates to the thornlist and recompile.

Ian Hinder
Research Software Engineer
University of Manchester, UK

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