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COLE KELSON-PACKER u0980902 at utah.edu
Wed May 22 23:00:02 CDT 2019


     I am a new user of the einstein toolkit, and I've been going through running some of the example par files provided by default. I've been trying to test the tov collapse par file tov_collapse_vc_13.par. Looking around online, I've found that it runs using a thorn called CoreCollapseControl not included in the current build. I've found slightly modified versions in the archives of this mailing list that run using the thorn Trigger, but these don't seem to work either. I am aware that this simulation eventually returns GRHydro errors, but the par file isn't even fully compiling for me. Everything seems to build smoothly until the following error:

"Warning[L1,P0] (Cactus): Major error in parameter file 'output-0000/tov_collapse_vc_13.par line 74: Parameter 'loopcontrol::use_random_restart_hill_climbing' not found"

this is followed by warnings coming from scheduling and routine, then the simulation aborts.

     This suggests to me that something has changed in the loopcontrol thorn since, but I don't know.

     The parfile I'm trying to use come from the conversation in lists.einsteintoolkit.org/pipermail/users/2012-October/002592.html

      I would be grateful if anyone could shed light on what's going on here.

      Thank you!


Cole Kelson-Packer

Department of Physics, University of Utah
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