[Users] meeting minutes for 2019-05-23

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu May 23 09:53:17 CDT 2019

Present: Roland, Zach, Antoni, Chris, Sam, Steve, Yosef

proposed updates to citation policy:
* will send email with details to mailing list

trac to bitbucket switch:
* Steve removed all mention of trac from website
* Steve set up redirects on former trac website to bitbucket tickets

Jenkins server down:
* had break in to server, which was then used for bitcoin mining
* Ian is working on restoring from backups
* Roland to get a bit more involved to be able to do basic maintenance

New ET components
* Fishbone-Moncrief disk should be almost ready for inclusion
** has analysis code written around that, that could be used for a
full science simulation
** postprocessing is mix of thorns and python code, was used for
Event-Horizon-Telescope code comparison project

Using the ET a library
* Zach has a proof of concept hook into the ET that lets one use the ET
  as a library and inject data into it eg for horizon finding
* useful to reach out to other projects
* repo is here: https://bitbucket.org/zach_etienne/et_minimal_2019_03
  which overwrites some Cactus functions in the ETK_interface.c file.
  The remainder code is vanilla Cactus.

LISA meeting:
* Steve and Sam attended the LISA meeting
* have needs for very high accuracy and accurate phase
* so far Cactus does not seem to be on their map
* Intermediate (q=100) mass ratio inspiral (IMRI) runs are the most
  interesting ones, but not really something the ET can easily do. Some
  results exists by the RIT group.
* Zach is working with students to link some PN work (EOB mostly) with
  ET and numerical relativity, this can be used to study 4PN effects

RIT meeting:
* register soon to enable head count

Wiki to bitbucket wiki:
* Steve will provide XML dump
* running is currently not so much the issue, but the current LDAP
  plugin is no longer maintained and forces us to run specific versions 

* can run all tests with PreSync turned off
* no other updates
* Sam, Steve and Roland to come up with a plan, so that this can be
  reported on in the report to NSF
* Sam will present on this in PEARC July 28th to August 1st

ET working groups:
* need to take stock of where they are
* need to restart presentations and discussions


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