[Users] meeting minutes for 2019-05-30

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu May 30 09:29:31 CDT 2019

Present: Bill, Helvi, Peter, Roland, Sam, Toni, Steve, Yosef, Zach

proposed changes to Einstein Toolkit citing policy:
* will decide on July 12th
* currently the ET as a whole is cited via the original paper Loeffler
  et al., however the author list has become stale wrt to currently
  involved people
* newer software toolkits have transitioned to cite the software rather
  than a paper. This makes it easier for new people to contribute since
  they know they will get credit, helping software sustainability and
  supporting careers in software
* there were no objections to this idea from the call participants

Peter's self-force code into the ET:
* code is not quite ready to include yet
* is currently working on documentation
* is currently working on adding a Cactus like test infrastructure
* would go towards making the ET a true multi-code project
* could be important as well for future funding of the ET
* important for LISA science

LISA science goals:
* needs some IMRI capable code
* (almost) equal mass needs much higher accuracy since it needs to be
  removed as a background from data
* currently the LISA internal discussion is dominated by one code
  (which is not the ET)

gallery examples:
* TOV has been updated to match the ET paper
* working on having a downsized version of this for the tutorial: all
  in agreement, will proceed this way
* BBH example is in progress

ET meeting at RIT:
* PLEASE register
* schedule is being finalized due to last minute changes
* will broadcast over bluejeans for remote participation

Peter reported in a very recent paper on a bssn like formulation of
bimetric gravity. He contacted the authors about their interest in
using the ET, which they are and had already looked at the ET.


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