[Users] Missing file for configuring build ubuntu.cfg

Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Fri Nov 1 12:56:26 CDT 2019

You are using an old version of the einsteintoolkit. Newer versions do 
not have ubuntu.cfg. All flavors of linux should compile with generic.cfg.

Please make sure "mpicc" is in your PATH before you compile. Thanks.


On 10/31/2019 6:33 PM, David N Bradley wrote:
> Hello All:
> I am in process of installing the ET system, and can not find the file
> ubuntu.cfg needed for configuring for Mint.
> ./simfactory/bin/sim setup-silent --optionlist=ubuntu.cfg --runscript debian.sh
> recently reformated and installed mint 19.1 and lost my old setups.
> David
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