[Users] Meeting Minutes for 2019-11-07

Gabella, William E b.gabella at Vanderbilt.Edu
Thu Nov 7 09:45:11 CST 2019

Present: Roland, Bill, Vassili, Yosef, Helvi, Peter, Zach, Christopher, Maria (Babiuc-Hamilton)

Roland chair, Bill minutes

o Next Release Planning: Ideas for new features, improvements

* Helvi has modified gravity in library she and Miguel host, already there, but should we include in ETK?
Criterion is if someone wants to use it besides the author.  Should be included on suggestions page.  Link to Helvi's repo is https://bitbucket.org/canuda/ also Lean, Proca, and evolution of scalar fields useful for boson stars.  Helvi needs to consult with Miguel on these items for inclusion.

* Vassili suggests Spherical BSSN and MHD thorn.
Helvi suggests two step process.  How long?  Roland says plan two months calendar time from when you want it included.  Lots of time waiting for reviewing, etc.  To get in the next release start in the next month...also the holidays will get in the way.  Vassili will discuss check with collaborators and decide.

* Zach's BaikalETK code,  NRPY based and Erik has performed some benchmarks.
BaikalETK is faster.  Zach proposes for inclusion in the next release.  Jupyter Notebook and Python interface.  Run a Python module and generates BSSN thorn---a drop in for Maclachlan AMR thorn.

* Also Zach's Illinois GRMHD with piecewise polytrope support.
There is good documentation now in Jupyter Notebooks.  Single polytrope generates same results as now.  Add to the Wiki page.

* Links for the thorn (and ETK) release in the minutes:
https://docs.einsteintoolkit.org/et-docs/Main_Page (see Release Details and Release Process)

Peter, maybe re-organize the Wiki to find important things easier.

o BBH Gallery example

* Helvi is uploading it which takes time.

o BNS Gallery example

* Roland is running it now and will then upload it.

* Maria having trouble with the BNS example.
Roland says workstation with 12 cores it is one day.  Roland thinks this should not be so slow.  Peter could be really running on one core.

o Rot'n of minute takers and call chairs (as well as other duties)

* See new Wiki page for rotation https://docs.einsteintoolkit.org/et-docs/ET_tasks_rota .  When you do a task move yourself to the bottom of the list and put a date on it.

* Maria can take minutes in two weeks, 21 Nov 2019).

* Zach hosting on 21st Nov.

* Automatic reminders.

o Unanswered questions on mailing list.

* Looks like none.

o Tickets in BitBucket.

* Should keep an eye on these, and review them.

Yours, Bill

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