[Users] Meeting Minutes for 2019-11-14

Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Thu Nov 14 09:58:49 CST 2019

Present:  Steven R. Brandt, Helvi, Zach, Roland, Maria Babiuc, Bill Gabella, Christopher Evans, Geraint Pratten, Peter, Robynm, Yosef
Led by: Helvi
Note taker: Steve

* Release planning
     * Bikal ETK code from Zach
         * Helvi volunteered to review
         * Zach thinks it's ready to review now, he's been working on documentation
         * It does not generate a monolithic thorn, you have to specify finite difference order gauge, etc., at the time the thorn is genereated. Maybe many of these can be runtime?
     * Spherical BSSN and Spherical MHD from vasilly
         * Manuella wants an applications paper with both before she makes the thorns open source, these thorns probably won't be in the next release.
     * Upgrade to illinois GRMHD
         * Notebooks in repo serve as documentation (no review for documentation update is required)
         * Piecewise polytropic equation of state is added
         * Not a big review task, Roland agreed to do this
     * Zach also has a TOV code which he might want to contribute
     * Steve would like to get Presync in
     * Peter says that he will have updates to the self-force code

* Gallery examples
     * BBH gallery example has been updated
     * BNS gallery example
         * Roland has verified the example works and the differences occur because
             * we now use EOS_Omni
             * sensitive to level of optimization O3 and O2
     * Steve suggests it would be nice to have a bigger gallery
         * Roland wants GRMD example
         * Could have a self-force gallery example

* ET Status on MacOS
     * Tested macports on Catalina
         * No need to compile gcc anymore
         * Same problem as Mojave, four tests hang (CT Multilevel, etc.), cause unknown
     * Set up Homebrew
         * Can compile with homebrew.cfg or patch to generic.cfg
         * Fails with the same tests
         * Hangs not verified with Homebrew + Catalina

* Note that tickets need to be reviewed. Please review.

* ETK meeting in Auguest at LSU

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