[Users] Meeting Minutes for 2019-11-14

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Nov 18 12:33:28 CST 2019

Hello Maria, all,

> I've tested both ET_2019_10 and the development version on Mojave
> with osx-homebrew.cfg and replacing gcc-8 with gcc-9.
> It looks good, run ends in less than 10 min, no test is hanging, all
> tests pass, except for:
> Tests failed:
>     memspeed (from MemSpeed)
Thank you very much for testing this. This is indeed good news. Based
on this I wanted to try and see if the issue is due to my tests having
been inside of a VirtuaLBox virtual machine. To test this out I
installed macports 2.6.2 on Nov 15th on the actual bare metal laptop.

Unfortunately for me even in this setup the tests still hung. I attach
a list of installed packages and the output of port diagnose to this

Next I rebooted the latpop and installed Homebrew, compiled the ET
(ET_2019_10) from scratch and re-ran the testsuite.

And indeed all tests except for MemSpeed pass.

I double checked and it the CT Multilevel tests still fail for homebrew
in the VM. The installed packackes and homebrew version (from git log
in /usr/local/Homebrew) are identical as well.

So somehow the VM behaves differently from the the bare metal laptop it
runs on for Homebrew but not for MacPorts.


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