[Users] meeting minutes for 2019-10-10

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Oct 10 09:58:51 CDT 2019

Present: Bill, Chris, Maria, Roland, Yosef, Zach

upcoming ET release

Timeline: https://docs.einsteintoolkit.org/et-docs/Release_Details

* gallery examples other than BNS
** all assigned to Helvi's group, who are working on them
* BNS gallery example
** Zach had a look at results, agrees that it is likely as good as we
   can expect
** has seems similar unpredictable behaviour wrt to the number of
   oscillations observed in his own runs, can be a numerical issue
   given the resolution used 
* status of test suites
** no new unexplained failures since last release (CT_MultiLevel only)
** can compile on MacPorts again, seem to be able to compile on HomeBrew
* status of Fishbone-Moncrief disk thorn
** Zach and Steve working on getting thorn ready for inclusion
* status of self-force code
** no updates since Peter and Steve are not on call
* suggestion to provide docker image for ET release
** would opt for fully compiled
** have einsteintoolkit docker organization
** do not aim for cluster support
** would need portable instructions on how to run with parfile living
   outside of container and write data to location outside of container
   (need at least OSX, Linux, Windows)
** an alternative would be a purely static executable, which is not
   always easy to produce
* testing OSX Catalina, which is not yet supported by MacPorts
** no official support yet, will try and see what happens if one uses
   Mojava version

CarpetIOHDF5 recover failure with manual topology
* Yosef made patch available
* needs to be looked at to check if this is the correct way to fix it

running BNS example
* Maria will re-run with extra debug output for RotatingSymmetry180


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