[Users] make <config>-utils failing with "RNS" error (ET_2019_03)

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Wed Sep 18 11:31:19 CDT 2019

Hello Bernard,

I am not quite sure what could cause this. The RNS utility in the
Einstein Toolkit is part of einsteininitialdata/Hydro_RNSID is your
thorn the same or a older / modified version of that thorn?

I am not sure how SystemTopology itself could be responsible, however
removing it from the thornlist may have triggered a CST run which may
have uncovered a previously existing issue.

I would try the following:

1. try if "make sim-cleandeps" helps
2. if you have *moved* the RNSID thorn I would go for a full rebuild
from scratch
3. if you have not moved it (and even  if you have) I'd have a look at
the thorns make.configuration.deps file and check if it hard-codes the
name of the thorn or arrangement. Also check in make.configuration.defn
for the names of the utilities (defn not deps this time).


> Hi. I have a working recent release of the ET (2019_03) that compiles
> & runs fine, but which fails when I try to build the associated
> utilities:
> ---------------------
> >make sim-utils  
> Building utilities for sim
> make[1]: *** No rule to make target
> '/nobackupp2/bjkelly1/codes/Cactus/exe/sim/RNS', needed by 'utils'.
> Stop.
> Makefile:872: recipe for target 'sim-utils' failed
> ---------------------
> I'm left with about 50% of the utilities --- basically everything
> through "hdf5tobinary_slicer". But "hwloc-assembler" and all the other
> hwloc-related utilities haven't built.
> I have the ET_2018_03 release on the same machine, and that builds
> both the primary executable *and* all the utilities with no issues,
> even though the compilation options are identical between the two.
> Possibly relevant:
> (1) I don't know what the RNS refers to, but I am including the thorn
> GSFC_GRMHD_Initial/RNSID in my configuration (both old and new).
> (2) One difference between old and new configurations is that I'm not
> compiling CactusUtils/SystemTopology, as that gives me link-time
> errors with hwloc.
> Bernard
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