[Users] Question about GW150914 and other simulations

Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Thu Sep 19 09:52:18 CDT 2019

Can you take a look at the memory the code is using? Is there a large 
increase before the code stalls?



On 9/17/2019 10:14 PM, 黎旭翔 wrote:
> Dear friends,
> We are trying to use those examples listed on the website to test if 
> it works on our HPC.
> https://einsteintoolkit.org/gallery.html
>  It goes well with a simple tov equation, which takes 2-5 min. But 
> when we use it to simulate GW150914 BH merger or solve tov equation 
> with high precision and long time, it seems that it will stop at an 
> iteration point without any further output, even an error. What really 
> confuses us is that for different tests it stops at different points. 
> Could you please help us find out what goes wrong with the simulation? 
> I will attach the log.txt and parameter files to this mail. Thanks for 
> your time!
> Here we used a partition with 144 nodes. Sometimes with a specific 
> —procs and —num-threads number in the shell file, the simulation 
> finished successfully. In other time it came across the problem above. 
> In the two neutron star output files, the job stoped at two different 
> iteration points, and was cancelled due to time out or by hand.
> Yours,
> Xuxiang
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> Xuxiang Li,
> School of Physics, Peking University
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