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Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Tue Sep 24 08:39:27 CDT 2019

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Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2019 15:07:32 +0200
From: Villani <mattia.villani at uniurb.it>
To: "Haas, Roland" <rhaas at illinois.edu>
Subject: Re: [Users] Failed installation

Thanks for the prompt answer. I did what you wrote, but I still get the
same error.

I am trying to install ET on a Ubuntu 16.04 machine, could it be a

Il 24/09/19 14:48, Haas, Roland ha scritto:
> Hello  Villani,
>> I am trying to install Einstein ToolKit on my laptop following these instructions:
>> https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/github/nds-org/jupyter-et/blob/master/CactusTutorial.ipynb
>> but I run into errors when using the (last) command:
>> ./simfactory/bin/sim build --mdbkey make'make -j2'  --thornlist ../einsteintoolkit.th
>> it seems that the computer cannot find the file
>> ~/Cactus/configs/sim/config-data/make.thornlist
>> what do I do?
> If you typed this in exactly as quoted, ie:
> ./simfactory/bin/sim build --mdbkey make'make -j2' ...
> then please note that there should be  a space " " between the "make"
> and "'make -j2'" strings. Otherwise the shell will combine them.
> I would not have expected such a mistake to cause this kind of
> behaviour though so that may well not be it.
> I am not quite sure what could have caused this other than maybe some
> glitch on the file system.
> To check this I would try and start from scratch which you can do by
> entering the following:
> !rm -r ~/Cactus/configs/sim
> into a cell and execute it. This completely removes the partially build
> Cactus executable and you can start from scratch.
> Yours,
> Roland

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