[Users] Meeting Minutes for 2020-04-30

Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Thu Apr 30 10:26:30 CDT 2020

Present: Ian Hinder, Steve, Bill, Roland, Peter, Alois Peter, Helvi, 
Zhichao Zhao, Yosef, Christopher Evens, Zach, Atul

Chair: Helvi

Note Taker: Steve

Update to cactuscode
     - Regenerated for the last time (?)
     - List of issues: 
         * Bugs (problems with the conversion)
         * Enhancements (this probably out of date)
         * No longer have dynamic comments

     Gcc9.3.0 takes a ridiculously long time in MacOS it takes half an hour
     to compile the 8th order code. Under Linux it takes 30 seconds or so.
     Ian suggests that the "inline" might be the problem. Also, it could be
     the architecture. Note the compile is fast with less than 9.3.

     Zach is able to get it to compile faster by splitting up the routine.
     Report to GCC maintainers?

Release will be pushed back by another week to make it possible for
     everyone to catch up.

PreSync addressing Roland comments.
     Vector support in Fortran
     Do Macro changes for Kranc? No.

New release test suite results
     Roland sees nothing unexpected
     Cory, SuperMUC, Golub show more failures than we'd like (Intel 
     But no new failures
     Roland tracks how long it takes to build and how long it takes to 
run the tests
     Steve notes that we need parallel tests

     fix adaptive time stepping
     others are presync related

     Change the representation of the data on the website?
     Since it's targeting the first LIGO detection, could it
         be somehow compared to what LIGO saw?
     Add a link to the LIGO data?
     Some problems comparing with LIGO data.
     Poisson example--had some problems running and comparing numbers.
         How was the plot made? Visit session file in the ticket.
         there are scripts in
         for generating some of the plots (you need mathematica and 

Summation by parts question, Peter was supposed to update

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