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On Wed, Aug 5, 2020, 5:24 PM Roland Haas <rhaas at illinois.edu> wrote:

> Hello Bilal,
> unfortunately there is not much to go at based on the screen output.
> "Killed" means that the operating system killed your run by sending
> signal 9 (KILL) to it.
> The OS will do so for different reasons.
> It could be that you are running out of memory. Carpet estimates that
> at least 9.299 GByte of RAM are required which you should take as a
> lower bound. If you laptop has lees memory or you are running on a
> system (such as the shared tutorial server) that puts limits on how
> much RAM each user can use, then you could be running out of memory and
> the OS could kill your code.
> Please note that sending the text produced as an actual text file (the
> full log, starting from the very beginning) as well as the text of the
> command line used is much preferred over screenshots (b/c it contains
> all of the log and lets one copy and paste from it to refer to
> particular parts in an answer).
> Yours,
> Roland
> > Dear Sir,
> > I am trying to run the parameter file;
> > ./simfactory/bin/sim create-run Helmholtz \
> >     --parfile
> > repos/ctthorns/CT_MultiLevel/par/inhomogeneous_helmholtz_dirichlet.par
> >
> > It killed (attached screenshot). I think I need to reset parameters as I
> > doing it on a laptop.
> > Please help me.
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