[Users] Meeting Minutes 2020-12-03

Miguel Gracia mgracia at austin.utexas.edu
Thu Dec 3 10:37:52 CST 2020

Present:  Peter D., Roland H., Miguel G., Kenneth S. , David B., Steven B., Atul K, Nicolas C., Maria H. , Zach E.

Chair: Roland H.
Minutes: Miguel G.

  *   SPEC benchmark contribution [RH, SB]

-Roland: mentioned that  February is the due date. The SPEC CPU 2017 McLachlan submission is going to be submitted again. Let -Steve and Roland if you want to contribute or help. The link to tasks list is https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2470

-Steve: SPEC install worked fine in his own friendly environment. He  thinks it would be relatively easy to do it in any other system. The installation instructions should be simple except (possibly) for MacOS .

  *   cactuscode.org<http://cactuscode.org> now hosted on  Github pages [RH]

        Cactus website was moved to Github with minor changes to the original site.

        Loading the website with https always work but using http sometimes doesn’t. Roland doesn’t know the reason.

  *   Proposed ET tutorial by Nick Choustikov

-Nick an undergraduate student in Cambridge, put together a tutorial for the ET. He ran the ET on Amazon Web Services (AWS) following the same process as in any regular computer except that he needed to add lamboot command due to an error in simfactory.

-It was proposed with no objections to include Frank’s, Miguel’s and Nick’s tutorial on wiki and website (will require pdf to html conversion) .

  *   Post release report

-Roland: some small issues. TeX to HTML conversion is failing. Might be due to  Ubuntu and Debian configuration differences.

-The guide for next release should be upgraded to a more linear version.

-If somebody wish to include something in the next release it should be mentioned in the mailing list or weekly meeting before February 2021.

  *   ET on macOS BigSur[RH]

Macport works but OpenMPI is not working, some works arounds. MPICH problems with hwloc. In conclusion for the moment ET is not  supporting BigSur.

New M1 Macs. Homebrew is partially working but it is not clear if all the components to run the toolkit will work. It would be helpful if somebody in the ET community with an M1-Mac try to run it.

  *   Take a minute taker search[RH]

December 10
Chair: Peter D.
Minutes:  Zach E.

December 17
Chair: Steve B.
Minutes: Kenneth S.

Last meeting of the year is December 17,2020 coming back on January 7, 2021.

  *   LaTeX parser

-Kenneth is cleaning the BSSN code and adding more features. He successfully created a validation test between the sympy expression created by the parser and the NRPy expression.

-Kenneth has made some improvements to  the documentation.

-Zach said early 2021 an official presentation of the LaTeX parser should be given.

  *   Unanswered questions / open tickets / tickets ready to review

Roland encourages the ET community  to review the list of open tickets and help. (no expertise is required to do it)

  *   Other comments

-Zach is having a problem running BBH simulations with 8th order finite difference example BBH. Peter mentioned he has no problem using 8th order stencils with 5 ghost zones. Roland mentioned that there’s a gallery example that uses 8th order stencils.

-Steve mentioned that simfactory should work with python3 in the early future. Roland said that this could be an oportunity to clean the simfactory script and remove some features that are not being used.

End of the meeting.

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