[Users] Einstein Toolkit Telecon Minutes: Dec 10, 2020

Zach Etienne zachetie at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 09:48:11 CST 2020

Present: Zach, Steve, Roland, Peter, David Bradley, Maria, Ken Sible, Leo
Werneck, Liu Haoyang, Miguel Gracia, Sam Cupp, Bill Gabella, Yosef

   - *SPEC benchmark*: Steve reports no progress, but says we should do it.
   Roland wrote a to-do list for this task:
   https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2470 . Some details
   regarding this to-do list were discussed.
   - *Webserver issues*: einsteintoolkit.org was down for ~70 hours
   (including Dec 5-6 weekend).
      - Roland: was it a glitch or something systemic?
      - Steve: glitch. Machine hosting virtual webserver went down -- just
      needed LSU CCT support to reboot machine. Will work with Roland
& Peter to
      ensure there's more redundancy in the future. After ticket, machine was
      back within an hour.
      - Bill: cactuscode.org has problems redirecting to new github.io
      page. Roland: Only sometimes, and not with Chrome. Firefox indeed doesn't
      redirect unless www.cactuscode.org is used. Roland: *Always* use
   - *Updates for next release*:
      - POWER: Used for waveform extraction on Scri+ -- Maria & Zach are
      interested in this code. Roland is improving interface, etc.
      - GRHydro con2prim updates -- Roland: A number of improvements have
      been reported from various groups.
      - selfforce1D updates -- Peter: new features are in progress,
      depending on progress might be a candidate for inclusion
      - Canuda updates -- Roland has been in touch with authors, privately.
   - *Unanswered mailing list queries*: One MPI query (failure) discussed,
   will need more details to help. Peter said he'd send an email.
   - *Tickets*:
      - #2335 (
      ) Steve: Patch makes SimFactory compatible with Python3. Pull request
      ready for review. Bill said he'd test it out. Roland has started
to review.
      - Roland: other tickets ready for review, nothing super urgent at the
   - *NRPy+ LaTeX parser update*: Ken Sible reports ability to now parse
   another of the BSSN equations. \gamma and \phi (using W variable) can now
   be parsed. Continued robustness improvements. Hope to have remaining
   equations parsed within the week. Bill asked for a progress report on
   parsing non-tensorial expressions, like those in PN expressions. Ken: we're
   very close to being ready to parse those expressions.
   - *Tabulated EOS with single TOV star*: Some discussion on whether this
   has been done with GRHydro. Roland pointed out a TOVHot code that may be on
   stellarcollapse.org (
   https://svn.einsteintoolkit.org/incoming/TOVSolverHot/); Miguel: RNS
   thorn may have a parfile with tabEOS as well, could try out (HydroRNSID:
   - *Jan 7 meeting*: Minute taker: Bill. Chair: Maria


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Prof. Zachariah Etienne
Physics & Astronomy Dept.
West Virginia University
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