[Users] Einstein Toolkit Telecon Minutes: Dec 17, 2020

Ken Sible ksible at outlook.com
Thu Dec 17 10:16:02 CST 2020

Present: Ken S., Karim S., Yosef Z., Peter D., Atul K., David B., Roland H., William G., Miguel G., Zach E., Steve B., Maria H.
Chair: Steve B.
Minutes: Ken S.

   - *SPEC benchmark*: Steve filled out the web form and performed a 5 min test; waiting for approval; submitted proposal; more than 1 million LOC in the Einstein Toolkit
   - *NRPy+ LaTeX parser*: Ken parsed a PN equation that Bill provided using the new capture group feature (string replacement macro) to resolve non-tensorial ambiguities. Ken also moved the parser config into a json file for config retention and sharing.
   - *Unanswered questions / open tickets / tickets ready to review:
         MPI killing issue in running the simulation (Karima Shahzad): Peter will respond
         No new open tickets / tickets ready to review since last week
   - *Other*: Steve submitted a pull request addressing SymFactory 2 concerns because the documentation was confusing. He added a --test flag that shows the number of nodes and node processors and an option to specify nodes using a --nodes flag and processors using a --nodeprocs flag; SymFactory missing test suite, making transition to Python 3 difficult. Zach mentioned LGMT Python linter for SymFactory 2 (lgtm.com/projects/b/simfactory/simfactory2/?mode=list)
   - *Dec 24/31* No ET meeting, due to winter break.
   - *Next meeting Jan 7* Minutes: Bill. Chair: Maria

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