[Users] Meeting Minutes for 2020-02-20

Bill Gabella b.gabella at vanderbilt.edu
Thu Feb 20 09:38:52 CST 2020

Present: Steve B, Bill G, Roland H, Peter D, Alois Peter Schaffarczyk, 
Liu Haoyang, Zach E., Maria B-H, Vassili

Chair: Steve
Minutes: Bill

* Next release is in April 2020.

* Update on potential codes to be included for next release

** Baikal ETK code from Zach

Zach has not had time to make the change where at run time you can 
choose different kernels, 8th order or less,
and whether you want to add the Tmunu in.  Six kernels to ask, needs 
time to pull that together.  It does work and
they use it.  Helvi is reviewing it.

** Upgrade to Illinois GRMHD

Extends the capabilities to use piece-wise polytrope and hybrid EOS, 
agrees with old version.  Ready for review.
No changes planned; documented in Jupyter notebooks.  Should pass all 
the code / unit tests in ETK.  Would like
to extend to piece-wise polytrope initial data for single TOV star.  
Roland was original reviewer and the new version
feature update is the piece-wise polytrope and the hybrid EOS---you run 
the Jupyter notebooks and they generate
the GRMHD thorn.

** Zach also has a TOV code which he might want to contribute

Nrpy TOV Thorn (Nrpy TOV ID) could come into play.  Leo Vernick (lead 
author, back in Brazil) has a C code version.
Run Numpy, and Nrpy puts it on the grid, even deals with star surface, 
avoids it and avoids Gibbs phenomenon.  Has
a student optimizing the C code generation from Nrpy, and doing an extra 
pass at the post CSE output.  Not able to
speed up the C code generation, but have sped up the Nrpy code a lot.  
Needs a reviewer.

** Steve would like Presync in

** Peter says that he will have updates to the self-force code

Previously thought there was a problem with code, not behaving like 
previous version, but now believes it does.  Will
be minor updates / capabilities to reduce the window function to zero 
size, a distribution function source, that should
be read by the next release.  Nothing major after that fix.

* Workshop at LSU and registration page has been tested.  Dates August 
3-7, 2020.  Has some money to support travel
for students.  Website at 
https://www.cct.lsu.edu/Einsteintoolkitworkshop .  Steve looking for 
people to present and give
tutorials.  Zach has a student with interesting Nrpy Wave Toy that might 
be available.

* Steve wants to switch to Python3  for Simfactory (Python 2 no longer 
officially supported).  hwloc fails to build on Master
for generic config.  Need to have locality setup correctly for Python3 
to work, otherwise trying to interpret Unicode in PIP
downloads fails with clear error message.

* For above additions to the ETK, create a ticket to add your code to 
Master branch by March so that it can get tested.
Steve thinks there is a ticket for the Python3 conversion.

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