[Users] Meeting Minutes for 2020-01-16

Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Thu Jan 16 09:58:04 CST 2020

Einstein Toolkit Meeting: 1/16/2020

Present: Steve, Roland, Liu Haoyang, Christopher Evans, Yosef, Alois 
Peter Schaffarczyk, Zach, Helvi, Babiuc, Eric West, Zhao Zhi-Chao

Requiring C++11: All machines have new enough compiler support now. No 

Working Group Update: Slides: 
     Uses hybrid EOS, piecewise polytrop, cold initial data, then switch 
to gamma law once heat is generated
     Excellent agreement with Whiskey
     Could this replace the existing TOV solver? Zach will talk to Leo 
about this.

New codes for the next release:
     Baikal ETK code from Zach - issue of runtime vs. compile time options,
         about 6 to 8 BSSN kernels and options (e.g. finite difference 
order) at runtime.
         Ticket for review exists, but Zach needs to update the code.
         Helvi volunteers to review this thorn.

     SphericalBSSN, SphericalMHD - No updates, 2 papers need to come 
out, and so
         the thorns probably won't be available until October.

     Upgrades to IllinoisGRMHD - add single & piecewies polytrope test 
runs, adds
         a lot of documentation, plus support hybrid EOS,
         Roland volunteers to review

     TOV code - Link to that in the presentation, works with piecewise 
polytrope (NRPY)
         Leo has a version that works in C that's faster. Do we include it?
         Discuss again in 1 to 2 weeks time.

     Presync - Nothing much. Try to give another update next week.

     Self-Force - Peter will update us next week.

APS meeting: Roland and Helvi will attend. Yosef and Zach will go, and 
Peter probably will.
     Arrange meetup?

Getting rid of CactusCode.org:
     Tell me what else we need here?
     Add original authors?

Next ET meeting in US is in the first week in August
     Will take volunteers for the organizing committee: Helvi will help.
     Don't be shy about asking for travel support for students
Next ET meeting in EU... Bruno will look into this.

Need volunteers for chairs for the next few weeks...
     Roland next week
     Helvi will take notes
     Put this item on beginning of the agenda in the future?

Presync is the next working group update

Alois is planning to attend the meeting and using the toolkit more. Any 
impact of new NS measurements on the favored EOSs? Zach probably knows 
more about it.

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