[Users] Meeting Minutes for 2020-01-30

Hamilton, Maria babiuc at marshall.edu
Thu Jan 30 11:50:18 CST 2020

Einstein Toolkit Zoom Meeting

10:00 am, Thursday Jan. 30, 2020


Steven, Phillip, Zach, Maria, Peter, Roland, Vasilli, Bruno, Christopher, Eric, Liu, Yosef

Call Chair: Peter

Minute Taker: Maria

Peter opens the meeting.

Steven reports on his work on removing the old cacuscode.org web page, and creating a new version on the ETK web page (http://einsteintoolkit.org/cactuscode.html). He requests critiques in order to proceed forward.

He is the main organizer of the upcoming US ETK Workshop at LSU and also requests critique on the announcement (https://docs.einsteintoolkit.org/et-docs/LSU_Workshop_2020)

Phillips brings news about the EU ETK Workshop, to take place in Amsterdam this year. As main organizer, he requests input and suggestions on the best dates.

Bruno, as one of the previous organizers, offers helpful suggestions regarding dates (between June and September), as well as number of participants, recommending as a preferable date when school is in session, to attract students.

Roland recommends two dates to avoid: during the LIGO meeting, and the LSU ETK workshop.

Phillips reported venue constraints, especially when the school is in session, and will report back next week.

Next on the agenda was Vasilli's update on the Spherical NR working group. (link slides?).

After his presentation, Bruno asked if is it possible to start evolving the data in cartesian coordinate, and then to transfer to spherical.

Vasilli answered that as for now, there is no module to do that, but in the future, if there is need for it, it can be done, similar to the way cartesian Initial Data is read in the spherical code.

Maria asked for details on the interpolation, and Vasilli explained.

Roland pointed towards a link (address?) that shows how ETK handles the interpolation from cartesian to any grid.

Roland asked if the vector-potential implementation in spherical coordinates can be used in plain cartesian coordinates in GRHydro.

Vasilli confirmed that it can be done, although the outer boundary conditions need to be changed, and the right hand side correction due to spherical coordinates needs to be zero. He also said that he did not look in detail into the mesh refinement.

Next, Roland gave a report on the ETK status, all is updated with the exception of the SelfForce. He requested a1D wave train example to be included in the gallery.

Peter recommended to add the request for features as an open issue, then reviewed the agenda and what was discussed regarding the Cactus and the LSU workshop web pages. He recommended to send comments directly to Steve.

Lastly, Roland reported that, as at his call nobody stepped forward offering to coordinate for the next ETK release, he will undertake this job.

Peter suggested the idea of finding a volunteer to help Roland and to learn, in order to do this next time.

At Zach's suggestion, the rota for the next two meetings was established as well.

Roland reported that nothing has changed regarding with the tickets, email list and open issues.

Peter concluded that no further items are left to discuss, and ended this meeting.

Maria C. Babiuc Hamilton, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Physics
College of Science, Marshall University,
1 John Marshall Drive, Huntington, WV, 25755
Room S 257, Phone: (304)696-2754

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