[Users] meeting minutes for 2020-07-09

Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Thu Jul 9 10:25:32 CDT 2020

Present: Alois Peter, Steve, Roland, Peter, Bill, Karissa Thigpen, 
Miguel Garcia, Atul Kedia

Review GCC 10 tickets
     Someone should look at them

Gallery Examples: Alois Peter, Atul
     Trouble generating figures Ian Hinder made, in communication
     Will update website, some figures have been updated
     Working on 3D animation, will talk to Barry Wardell (errors in 

     BNS example will be uploaded shortly.

Spam filter is updated by Roland
     Running a mailserver at LSU
     Will eventually be shut down
     Could move server

Speakers for the ETK workshop
     Would like to have
     Peter Diener (self force)
     Roland Haas (reduction interface)

Roland will have a student in the Fall work on migrating from Jenkins
     to Github Actions.

     I've made some updates news items
     Would appreciate help

New SSI grant started July 1
     Reform working groups
     Form working groups for 3 major goals
     Leads: Helvi (Canuda), Rhaas (CarpetX), Zach (NRPy+)
         Science Gateway (Steve)

New Tutorial Server at LSU
     Porting to VM
     Certificate update problem
     visible: https://etk.cct.lsu.edu

Elect new release chair
     Looking for volunteers

Continuing issues with SVN servers
     Steve talked to IT support yesterday

Call Chairs/Minute Takers:
     Peter Diener - Chair
     Bill - Minutes

     ??? - Chair
     Miguel - Minutes

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