[Users] meeting minutes for 2020-06-25

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Jun 25 09:39:06 CDT 2020

Present: Roland, Federico, Steve, Peter S., Miguel, Yosef, Maria, Zach

emails rejected by mailing lists

* affects also University accounts that are outsourced GMail
* 4 known cases that contacted people personally, most likely many more
* Steve and Roland will look into this

gallery testing

* BNS: runs were done, need to be uploaded
* BBH: Atul and Peter S. working on plots
** Peter S. asked about files with horizon meshes, in VTK files
** Peter S. asked about detail of horizons and which ones exist. 1&2
are intiial apparent horizons, 3 is the one that forms around the 2 and
co-exists for a while

gcc-10 / gfortran-10

* needs reviewers urgently

test.cactuscode.org conversion to gh-pages

* not much progress yet
* Ian converted thornguide list pages
* issues:

Online ET workshops 

* August 3-7th as was originally planned for the on-site workshop
* https://www.cct.lsu.edu/Einsteintoolkitworkshop
* calling for volunteers
* please suggest suggestions to Steve
* Yosef has notes and screencast for wave equation, would be ok to give
  short tutorial
* Roland can give a tutorial on how to use the reduction interface in
  running code
* Zach will give a NRPy+ tutorial
* will have talks as well

slow Baikal compilation

* Zach split's source code following Erik's advise to move inlined FD
  calculations to function calls
* this reduced compile time by a factor of ~400
* code generation time is ~2 times faster
* run speed unaffected

There will not be an ET call on July 2nd. The next call will be July
9th 2020.


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