[Users] ETK Meeting Minutes 2020-05-21

Federico Cipolletta cipo87 at gmail.com
Thu May 21 10:00:48 CDT 2020

Participants: Steve Brandt, Roland Haas, Zach Etienne, Peter Diener, Yosef
Zlochower, Maria Hamilton, Bill Gabella, Evans Christopher, Liu Hooyoung,
Atul Kedia, Federico Cipolletta

Chair: Roland Haas

Minutes: Federico Cipolletta

Release Team + Reviewers + Contributors List:
Roland asked if anyone has any particular preference on how the total list
of people who worked in the next release will be presented.
The list is available at the wiki webpage:
Zach suggested having just a total list with simply names of people +
special mentions if needed.
Roland approved to have a look at that, in order to render the list as
compact as possible.

Testsuite Results:
Roland said that the current situation with testsuites is presented in
In particular, some clusters seem to fail with tests that previously were
successful. This can be due to changes in compilers or other technicalities
in each cluster (e.g. BlueWaters had a change in compilers' version).
Results of tests are held in this repository:
Federico asked what the blue dots mean.
Roland answered that these dots represent tests that are not executed.
Roland noticed that there is currently no information on tests performed in
any European cluster. He asked Federico if he or Bruno has some info about
that (not mandatory).
Federico reported that the group in Italy recently performed the testsuite
on Marconi. He will share the results with Roland.

Gallery Test:
Roland asked participants if there were some news about tests to be
performed, listed at
Bill Gabella reported that the Poisson test was performed one or two months
ago and it was performing well.
Roland reported that the Multi Patch Scalar Wave Test is expected to work
Atul Kedia asked if any one of the participants has any clue on how to show
horizon in the BBH test.
Roland suggested that this information should be contained as an output of
one thorn (probably QuasiLocalMeasures), but it would be better to ask the

Unanswered Questions:
Roland noticed that there were no new unanswered questions, but asked the
participants if they have some update on that.
Federico said that he was in touch with Alessandro Ciarfella for the scalar
1D Wave equation and Alessandro managed to solve his issue.
Steve suggested Federico contact himself, who will take care of closing the

Roland reported that he had no current news.
Steve reported that there is a change with Ubuntu which recently had some
issue with some new library dependency (probably something
related to hwloc). He will give updates about that later.

Best Regards,
Federico Cipolletta.
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