[Users] Mixed binaries setup with TwoPunctures

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu May 28 17:35:15 CDT 2020

Hello Andrea,

setting up a mixed binary with TwoPunctures is only going to solve the
GR constraints but not solve for the fluid to be in hydrostatic
equilibrium. That means that a star will start to oscillate (strongly)
when let go.

The bhns_eval.par file in TwoPuncture's test directory is pretty much
all the documentation that exists, other than the short comments at the
end of param.ccl of TwoPunctures.

You may also look at the implementation in TOVSolver
einsteininitialdata/TOVSolver/src/external.inc which provides the
functions that TwoPunctures uses.


> Hi,
>  I'm trying to set up a mixed binary via TwoPunctures and the TOVSolver. I
> found a "test" directory in the TwPuncture thorn with several parfiles and
> no documentation.... I tested the parfiles and, ok, I figured out which one
> does what, but I'm not yet clear on how to combine the results to obtain
> the actual NSBH initial data. I tried to understand what the test.ccl was
> and how it should be used, but I'm still unclear on how to proceed.
> Am I missing something?
> Thanks for your help
> Andrea Endrizzi

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