[Users] meeting minutes for 2020-05-28

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu May 28 17:53:29 CDT 2020

Present: Roland, Steve, Peter S., Maria, Atul, Beyhan, Peter D., Chris,
Federico, Liu, Bill, Yosef, Zach, Zhao Zhichao

code freeze
* no more changes until after release
* all release branches (ET_2020_05) are in place and can be used for
* some cleanup required (docs, Kranc)

open tickets for release:
* release branch of SelfForce-1D referred to non-existing file, turned
  out that the branch was incorrectly created
* Roland asks that tickets that are not preventing the release be
  downgraded to "minor"

gallery testing:
* Bill and Beyhan will upload there results and update the website
* Shawn will upload and update once done, is in the process of running
  at this point
* Peter and Atul, are working on BBH gallery example

POWER code:
* waveform extrapolator (psi4 -> strain, finite r to scrI+)
* available free and open source, not yet in ET
* https://git.ncsa.illinois.edu/elihu/Gravitational_Waveform_Extractor
* there is a summer project at NCSA this year to build on it and turn
  it into a tool that takes and ET simulation and produces a LIGO style
  waveform HDF5 file including metadata

* minimum resolution for neutron star in BNS merger simulation
* depends on setup, in Cartesian at least 75points across the diameter,
  better 120 points for trustworthy results
* use Trigger thorn to increase resolution once a BH is found

next release:
* will solicit contributions in June

next minute takers: Bill, Maria
next call chairs: Zach, Peter

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